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Scenario Films Ltd is a London-based independent film and television company specialising in production, development and consultancy.

Scenario Films

We are an award-winning team with a long track record of television and film creation: Gareth Jones (writer/director/consultant) and Fiona Howe (writer/producer/consultant/composer).

From script to screen

We develop and produce film and television projects for the British and international markets, in co-production with partners at home and abroad.


Communication is everything

In a complex film-making world we are happy working in English, French, German and Italian, with business spanning Continental Europe, the US and beyond.

Expertise and experience

We organise media training events and conferences, and we offer script and production consultancy to clients across the film-making spectrum, from broadcasters to film institutes. We engage in film and media research on behalf of sponsors from the audiovisual, academic and diplomatic sectors.

Growing Networks

We produce and run international feature film training programme Babylon.


Our philosophy is to foster creative independence while reaching out to the widest possible audience; to encourage individual and authentic voices in film while exploring shared initiatives and ideas in collaboration with all our partners on a basis of equality, transparency and mutual respect.


For script and directing commissions please contact us either through our agents in Los Angeles, Paris and Hamburg, or the London office.

We regret we cannot undertake to read unsolicited material.