Noble Savage

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Length: 308 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction
Author: Gareth Jones
Original Publication: 1985, Weidenfeld & Nicolson (UK)

In Brief:  Sequel to Lord of Misrule. Following a long absence, Gruffydd the conjurer returns to the Ystwyth Valley to reclaim the son he left behind, bringing him into conflict with the ruling landowner Lord Kirkland and changing the destiny of those around him in ways they could never have imagined.

Synopsis:  A ragged stranger in the garden… a young nobleman seduced to rebellion… a Welsh community bled dry by the tyranny of an English Earl and his ambitious wife… a man who would save his people from ruin but leads them instead to the cruel justice of the militia’s sword and the rope.

The tragic events of one brutal night have repercussions long into the future life of John Kirkland who by a tangled line of inheritance is both witness and citim of this atrocity.  His quest to find out the truth from the man who inspired his vision of liberty leads him across two continents and into the heart of the American Revolutionary War where his destiny is revealed in ways stranger than he could ever have imagined.

Both a sequel and a stand alone epic in its own right, Noble Savage traces the interweaving stories of its characters and the web of secrets and lies that one generation weaves for the next.

‘A splendid tale’  Manchester Evening News

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