THE D-TRILOGY by Gareth Jones – DVD Box Set Now Available

The D-Trilogy

The D-Trilogy DVD Box Set brings together feature films DESIRE, DELIGHT and DELIRIUM for the first time in a single package.  Each disc includes stereo and 5.1 sound options, trailers and making-of documentaries.  A fourth disc ‘The Creation of the D-Trilogy’ gives an insight into the film-making process, including the writing, directing and composing, with production documents such as scripts, schedules and press kits, plus protected access to previously unreleased video interviews and the ‘D-Trilogy Compilation’ screened at the House of Commons Launch.   The disc also includes DELIRIUM soundtrack Requiem For the Living.

A monument to independent film production, the D-Trilogy was created over a ten-year period against all the odds and in defiance of all the presumed wisdoms of commercial and institutional norms.

Through separate, thematically related narratives the D-Trilogy conveys a startlingly varied overview of the current state of society, ranging from the film and television worlds to academia, the classical and popular music scenes to media politics by way of migration, war reporting, rural deprivation and a deeply divided class structure.

The D-Trilogy is a tale of individual lives recounted in family, village and institutional settings; destinies shaped in the cauldron of personal and political conflict; wild adventures throwing caution and common sense to the four winds; loves found, lost and found again; decisions taken, regretted and revisited; loyalties betrayed and re-discovered; traumas liberated and healed; children cherished, neglected and protected.

Simple, sometimes provocative stories dragged from the deepest unconscious, divulging hidden fears and longings, revealing psychological flaws we mostly share and mostly keep hidden.

D-Trilogy as Case Study

Coupled with the fourth disc, the DVD box set opens the films to academic and vocational study in lecture and seminar at university, film school or film club, either by resident staff or by invitation to the filmmakers singly or jointly.  For information about Gareth Jones’s academic work including his Cambridge Ph.D. click here. To enquire about booking lectures or screenings click here.

D-Trilogy Photo Galleries

Alongside the release of the D-Trilogy, we’ve made available photo galleries on Flickr of behind-the-scenes pictures from the filming, as well as movie stills, marketing and launch photos.



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