“Since I left you and the wonderfully constructive days we spent together… you are really present in my work! Its nice to feel you here!”
Marta Cicionesi, Screenwriter/Stage Designer, Sweden

“Thank you again for an enormously inspiring week and the privilege of working under the influence of your analytical minds and creative imaginations! I feel really “hungry” now and look forward to digging into the substance of my refugee tale.”
Siri Senje, Screenwriter and Stage Director, Norway

“Ich habe schon lange nicht, Arbeit so genossen, wie diese intensive Workshopwoche mit Ihnen…”
“I haven’t enjoyed work for a long time, as much as this intensive workshop week with you.”
Evelyn Itkin, Senior Commissioning Editor, ORF, Austria

“Nochmals vielen Dank für alle eure Anregungen… sie haben mir sehr geholfen. Die neue Fassung ist um vieles besser geworden.”
“Again, thanks a lot for all your notes… they helped me a great deal. The new draft is much better.”
Heinrich Ambrosch, Commissioning Editor, ORF, Austria

“The skill of being an incredible script advisor is something special!!”
Michaela Hennig, Screenwriter/Director, Sweden

“Thank you very much for your input in the film. We take your comments and advice very seriously. (It’s better to do now than to read critics in newspapers after the film is ready). I hope we will be able to cooperate in the future.”
Guntis Trekteris, Producer, Kaupo Films, Latvia, (“Dark Deer”)

“You both are in my best memories … Sources was very inspiring for me and now I have been working with the new draft quite seriously, I hope it will be really better than the first one.”
Viesturs Kairiss, Writer/Director, Latvia (“Dark Deer”)

“Once again thank you for a most inspiring workshop (worth every stolen minute!) …you surely managed to Raise Cain.”
Angela Amoroso, Project Manager, Norwegian Film Development

“Grazie Gareth. Ho proprio bisogno di incoraggiamento. Sei davvero una persona speciale.”
“Thank you Gareth. I need this encouragement. You’re a really special person.”
Fernanda Moneta, Screenwriter, Italy

“…Il corso è stato un vero miracolo…grazie, grazie di tutto, non ho parole per dire grazie.”
“The course was truly a miracle…thanks, thanks for everything. I don’t have the words to thank you.”

“le idee che mi hai trasmesso sono state come sempre un colpo di genio e di ispirazione per me.”
“the ideas you gave me were as always a stroke of genius and an inspiration to me.”
Simona Pesciaioli, Screenwriter, Italy

“Ancora grazie per la tua pazienza, e per tutte le cose splendide che mi hai insegnato in questi mesi!”
“Thanks again for your patience, and for the brilliant things you’ve taught me in these months!”
Alessandro Bettero, Screenwriter, Italy

“Merci à toi d’avoir consacré tant de temps, d’énergie et d’enthousiasme à mes étudiants de la nouvelle promotion. Ils en étaient très satisfaits !”
“Thanks to you for having devoted so much time, energy and enthusiasm to my new-intake students. They were very satisfied!”
Christine Ghazarian, Director of the Producers Atelier/Masterclass, La Fémis

“so fine to have you here …students loved ya!”
Andrew Horton, Professor of Film and Video Studies, University of Oklahoma

“Thank you so much for all your help and great suggestions in these difficult moments. Only a good friend can do that. I really appreciated it! A friend in need is a friend indeed!”
Saimir Bajo, Screenwriter and Director, Albania

“thanks for … helping our film scene to grow stronger and to implement some good old anglo-saxon ratio into our emotionally-irrational unstructured scripts.”
Zorana Popovic, IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), Belgrade, Serbia

“…thank you very much for everything!”
Ada Solomon, Film Producer, Romania

“Thank you for your nice words about the story. I think as well that is much more coherent and focused this time. I wasn’t afraid of deconstructing everything, I knew that this is the right way as soon as you suggested it to me. Now this is (a) good foundation for rewrites to come.”
Dusan Milic, Director, Serbia (“Gucha”)

“Monday evening was superb thank you!! afterwards Richard was highly ‘energised’ and paced around brainstorming on my late grand uncle’s persian rug…”
Paul Largan, Producer, Northern Ireland (“McCarthy’s War”)

“…one and a half hours of excellent common sense! I think your comments were all totally on the ball, and identified a kind of “drift” away from the core story…instead of concentrating on the story I want to tell: this has been a hell of a learning curve for me.”
Richard Crawford, Screenwriter, Northern Ireland (“McCarthy’s War”)

“Merci beaucoup à toi d’avoir participer à ce 10ème Fond d’Aide. Et, je peux te dire que d’une manière générale, les candidats apprécient beaucoup la formule.”
“Thanks a lot for having taken part in the 10th funding panel. And I can tell you, the candidates really appreciated your way of working.”
Séverine Roinssard, Ciné-sud promotion, Amiens Film Festival

“We have greatly enjoyed and appreciated your visits to Tirana, your input into the life of the school and your commitment to Albanian film. As a writer/director… I have personally enjoyed our creative brainstorming sessions and I’m looking forward to cementing our relationship with this venture.”
Kujtim Cashku, Writer/Director/Producer, Albania. Principal, Marubi Film School