Poems by Gareth Jones

In the run-up to National Poetry Day on October 4th 2018, new poetry from Gareth Jones’s collection Ynyslas will be available to read and listen to each week on the Scenario Website.

Read and listen to the poem Ynyslas  here.


Gareth Jones says:

‘Poetry has come late in a life spent on prose and drama.  Songs, yes, much earlier and still today.  But poems have a frightening intimacy, which takes a while to unlock.  Approaching the proverbial threescore and ten, the past comes closer, childhood is ever present, life cycles emerge from crowded memory, absence and loss obtrude more painfully. Poetry deals with all this. Unlike film it requires no consent, no finance, no third party.  Only a voice.  Ynyslas is designed to be spoken – performed  even – in the ancient bardic tradition of aural transmission which releases the flow and emotional progression through speech, with such debts to cynghanedd as internal rhyme and alliteration. At around fifteen minutes, the poem is long and pleads for patience. But not as long as David Jones, to whom I owe any confidence I might have in epic verse, and who proves that Welsh poets also write about almost anything besides Wales.’






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