Professional Script Services

  1. Reader’s Report
  2. Script Analysis
  3. Adaptation Analysis
  4. Project Support
  5. Script Translation/Co-author Adaptation
  6. Script doctoring/Script Polishing

  1. Reader’s Report from £175 (plus VAT within UK)2-3 page written assessment including short summary and brief analysis of essential elements: characterization, structure, theme, dialogue, originality. Brief market appraisal of the project’s strengths, weaknesses and development potential.Material assessed: treatment or script.

    Recommended for: producers, commissioning editors, development and production funders, distributors.


  3. Script Analysis from £450- £1000 (plus VAT within UK)6-10 page project assessment. Type of analysis and rate to be agreed in advance. Full analysis of project, including idea/concept, plot, character, theme, dialogue, genre and likely target audience/distribution potential. In the case of television material, appropriateness to slot may also be examined. Beyond identifying any script weaknesses, the aim is to generate ideas and recommendations for creative ways forward in subsequent drafts. Includes 1 – 2 development meetings, face to face, by telephone or email as preferred.Material assessed: outline, treatment or script.

    Recommended for: screenwriters, producers, directors, commissioning editors, development and production funders, distributors.


  5. Adaptation Analysis from £525 (plus VAT, UK) for full-length novel.Various literary properties covered: novel, novella, short story, biography, factual. Rate to be agreed according to length of material submitted. Assessment of the suitability of literary material for a feature film, or a television film or series. Analysis of elements such as the communicability of the story, dramaturgical questions, story focus, character perspective, audience accessibility.Scenario Films can provide a step-outline to commission if required.Material assessed: literary and other published materialRecommended for: producers, screenwriters and commissioning editors who wish to acquire option or rights to literary properties.

  6. Project Support – price by arrangement, depending on development period.We will act as script consultant or advisor on a project from story outline or treatment stage through to production draft, as required. Fee covers 2-3 drafts plus rewrites as per standard writer’s contract. Scenario Films can also offer project support to television series, providing script consultant support in close co-operation with producers and scriptwriters as far as production script stage.Recommended for: commissioning editors, production companies.

  8. Script Translation/Co-author Adaptation – price by arrangement.Translation of a film or television screenplay from French, German, Italian into English.Recommended for: international screenwriters, directors, producers requiring English language screenplay.

  10. Script Doctoring/Script Polishing – price by arrangement.Reworking of an existing screenplay to production standard.Recommended for: producers requiring additional authorial input into a draft screenplay; international writers/directors/producers requiring a produceable English-language version of a draft screenplay.