TIME – A Poem by Gareth Jones

A Metronome

Time was one man was one with time.

Day broke man woke; sun rose man learned.

Frost set man froze; sun churned man burned.

Time passed and time returned.


Time was man could scan his world.

Climb tree, wade stream, fletch coracle

Thatch crick, wield crook, fetch oracle.

Time dwelt and time unfurled.


Time was man begot what man had sired.

Skill shaped, haste broke; strength forged furnace stroke.

Willow scraped bent bow; arrow whittled hit crow.

Time took what time required.


Time was man won time for rhyme.

Wassailed, carolled, dirged, lamented

Sinned in song and rousingly repented.

Whole, man sang, man danced, one life, one time.


Time is man is out of time.

Day breaks man sleeps; watch beeps man wakes.

Jet lags man sweats; flight dives man frets.

Time skives, man has no time.


Time is man can scan his files;

Beam smiles, dream film fare, elsewhere.

Talk sweet blue tooth, tweet in street and swear on air.

Time wastes time and time beguiles.


Time now is know how; no one now is one now.

Othered, smothered, present absent,

Virtual ties with virtuous lies. Man’s app sent

Time to bed and even bedtime saps man’s fun now.


Time was man must muster woman face to face,

Touch her, feel her; know her, sow her.

Time is no man Onan plough her

Field unseen, on screen. Time leaves place. No trace.


No time left now, man ungrown his name disown now,

Master of himself no more, nor lord of what in thrall he survey,

Something of nothing and nothing in whole can convey,

Fragmented time unmendable, unmastered and unknown now.


© Gareth Jones, November 2016

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