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Amidst the dreaming spires of a British university, an international composer struggles to deserve his reputation and seal his career with a modern Requiem, only to find it raises more ghosts and more strife than it lays to rest.


International composer Peter Pilger faces the challenge of his life:

To deliver a Requiem for his former college St Jude’s in time for the Memorial Celebrations while facing down revelations about his past and living up to his new authority as High Master.

Freighted in to lead his struggling alma mater through the rising tides of university fees, student unrest and political correctness, the wayward pop star turned composer neglects his reclusive wife and ungovernable teenage kids to turn upside down the institution he is meant to rescue.

But it is not from his misspent youth as an undergraduate at St Jude’s and not from the modern student body that his biggest trial emerges, but from the kitchens, where a time bomb ticks amongst the migrant college staff in the dazzling cellist Anastasiya, who remembers more about him than he does.

His Requiem lays nothing to rest. Not his libido. Not even his conscience.

Filmed on location, August 2015 at the Founder’s Building Royal Holloway (RHUL), Egham, Surrey.

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Screen Daily: Gareth Jones’ ‘Delirium’ begins shoot

Royal Holloway Media Arts News

World Première at Moscow Film Festival, 26th June 2017

DELIRIUM has been confirmed in the Official Selection of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival, the World Première of the film ahead of its UK launch in Central London on 8th JulyCinema screenings will continue around the UK during the summer and autumn.

‘Requiem’ Soundtrack Release 10th April 2017

The ‘Requiem for the Living’ by Fiona Howe is now available on itunes and digital platforms worldwide.

The details:

Length/format: 100′ feature/Arri Amira/DCP
Genre: Love story
Script: Gareth Jones
Director: Gareth Jones
Producers: Fiona Howe, Simon Higman
Cast:  Gareth Jones, Clare Grogan, Alisa Liubarskaya, Timothy West, Mamta Kaash, Julian Gallant, Camilla Gregorovitch, Neville Dean, Alison Rayner, Henry Stobart, Pandora Jones, Raphael Jones, Tom Chippendale, Thomas Jencks

Featuring the Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London

Production Credits:

Executive Producers:  Daniela Berghahn, Jonathan Powell, Gareth Jones

Associate Producers:  Alex Ryle, Mamta Kaash

Director of Photography: Alex Ryle

Sound Recordist:  Mustafa Bal

Music Composer:  Fiona Howe

Picture Editor:  Nadav Elovic

Sound Editor: Mustafa Bal

Costume Designer: Linda Haysman

Make-up Designer: Elizabeth Arklie

Director of Music:  Julian Gallant

Choirmaster:  Rupert Gough

Music Recording Engineer:  Wes Maebe

Colourist/Online Editor:  Malcolm Ellison

First Assistant Cameraman: Jason Wingrove

Gaffer: Jazz Bhalla

Head of Production: Emily Perrier

Production Executive:  Keith Buckman

1st Assistant Director:   Eleanor Lambert


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