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The story of a screenwriter whose muse threatens to take over not just his creative and sexual life but his sanity, DESIRE plays out behind the doors of a London family home, whose secrets simmer dangerously beneath the surface till desire tips the balance and the highly unstable mix erupts.

Is she lover, saviour or thief?  And who is writing the film called DESIRE?

Status:   DVD release 21 June 2012.

Release History:  UK Theatrical Release March 2011.

Nominated:  Best UK Feature, Raindance Film Festival 2009.


“…played with estimable intensity …an intriguing insight into the politics of marriage, the power of language and the dangerous unpredictability of ardour…”
 David Parkinson, Empire Online

“…a nicely staged blend of artfully shot sexuality and repressed drama, distinctive through its elegant widescreen cinematography and engagingly restrained central performance by Tella Kpomahou…”   Mark Adams, Screen International

“…an elaborately crafted mood piece …accomplished cast and pin-sharp visuals…”  Andrew Pulver, The Guardian

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The details:

Length/format: 97′ feature/DCP
Genre: Love story
Script: Gareth Jones
Director: Gareth Jones
Producer: Fiona Howe
Cinematographer: Alex Ryle
Music: Oumou Sangare, Fiona Howe
Cast: Oscar Pearce, Tella Kpomahou, Daisy Smith, Adam Slynn

Logline: Desire is the risk we take to discover what’s real…


"…an elaborately crafted mood piece …accomplished cast and pin-sharp visuals"

Andrew Pulver, The Guardian

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