Seven Projects were pitched:

Mathieu Z’Graggen, David Braun, Alpaga Films, BYE BYE KELLY (Feature)

Fanny Spindler, Laurence Milon, La Huit, DENIS REICHLE: IN THE GRIP OF WAR (Documentary)

Antoine Delelis, Paviel Raymont, Les Films du Tonnerre, THE MONSTERS (Feature)

Barbara Antičević, Juliette Alfonsi, FFL Film- und Fernseh Labor, THE LAUNDRESS (Feature)

Simone Wendel, Mario A. Conte, Projekt Gold, MY COUSIN (Documentary)

Sabina Gröner, Pascal Trächslin, Cineworx Filmproduktion, STAINS (Feature)

Jens Wischnewski, Simon Buchner,, TURNING POINT (Feature)

Click on the individual photos for project details.

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