It’s in the can!   After a mammoth 25 days of mud, sweat and tears never mind the blood, we have DELIGHT shot, the rushes safely stashed on several hard-drives, the clear-up almost done and the edit underway.    It was a herculean task but we got it in on time and on budget.    Thanks to our wonderful cast, Jeanne Balibar, Gavin Fowler, Tim Dutton, Eiry Thomas, Sue Jones-Davies, Iestyn Jones, Naomi Everson, Raphael Jones, Pandora Jones and Rupert Allan, for their luminous performances.   Thanks to all our amazing heads of department, Alex Ryle, Rupert Allan, Charlie Weisfeld, Dave Hutton, Andrea Wiltshire, Victoria Poland, Annie Dibling, for their resourcefulness and good-humour.   Thanks to Jason Wingrove for keeping us sharp.   Thanks to Siencyn Langham who’s putting it all together as we speak.    Thanks to Sam Christie for support all round.  Thanks to Kate Fenhalls, Ieuan and Laura for feeding us.   Thanks in alphabetical order to  Christian Baker, Jon Burke, Huw Diprose, Anna Maria Drynda, Olly Godson, Catherine Jones, Anne Katharina Heinrichs,Vicki Larratt, Elliot McIntosh, Justine Montford, Helen Page, Cara Rainbow, Catharina Rentmeester, Laura Sambrooks, Eleanor Silkstone, Prezsemek Sobkowicz and Ross Stevenson.   Thanks to the many more friends and supporters who helped out in so many ways behind the scenes.   Special thanks to Marianne Taylor whose amazing farm is at the heart of the film.   And thank you to our investors:  you know who you are, and without you, none of this would be possible.   Onward!

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