Now available from Scenario, Fiona Howe’s novels Gracenotes and She Danced (Kindle and Paperback) plus Kindle editions of Gareth Jones’s Welsh novels Noble Savage (originally pub. by Weidenfeld & Nicolson) and Lord of Misrule, originally pub. by Farrar, Straus & Giroux (US), Gollancz (UK).

New titles coming in 2021 include Gareth Jones’s dystopian novel Our Lady of the Apocalypse and Fiona Howe’s short story collection Lovers and Liars.


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Length: 165 pages
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Author: Fiona Howe

In Brief:  What happens when you lose your music?  How far would you go to get it back?
When Grace’s daughter Juliet brings home new boyfriend Leo, a brilliant concert violinist, she inadvertently triggers a buried chain reaction that will threaten an entire family. A novella in five acts, Gracenotes explores the compulsion to make music – and love – whatever the cost.

***** Amazon Reviews:

‘Intense, emotional, psychologically insightful… A treat.’

‘…dreamy, lyrical story. Perfect for lovers of music (and passionate, destructive love affairs)…’

‘…its scope is enormous… Most memorable is the all-consuming rapture to which Grace succumbs when making music.’

‘…I couldn’t put it down. At every turn I felt I knew the characters. It handled beautifully… the impact of untapped talent, the fragility and strength of familial relationships and the emergence of light from darkness.’

She Danced

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Length: 330 pages
Genre:   Contemporary Fiction
Author:  Fiona Howe

In Brief:  A successful, happily married woman risks everything she has for a much younger man with nothing but his music.  The novel interweaves the emotional perspectives of both characters and the songs born of their shared yearning.

***** Amazon Reviews:

‘Super-intelligent writing, breathtaking insights into the world of contemporary music and media…’

‘Unnervingly relatable… a haunting and powerful read…’

‘Vivid, acute and intelligent…’

‘…wonderful story…just fantastic…’

‘…moving, sensual and beautifully written… a riveting read from an exciting new writer.’

Noble Savage

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Length: 308 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction
Author: Gareth Jones
Original Publication: 1985, Weidenfeld & Nicolson (UK)

In Brief:  Sequel to Lord of Misrule. Following a long absence, Gruffydd the conjurer returns to the Ystwyth Valley to reclaim the son he left behind, bringing him into conflict with the ruling landowner Lord Kirkland and changing the destiny of those around him in ways they could never have imagined.

‘A splendid tale’  Manchester Evening News

Lord of Misrule

(aka The Disinherited)        

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Length: 352 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction
Author: Gareth Jones
Original Publication: 1980 Farrar, Straus & Giroux (US), 1981 Gollancz (UK), Penguin (UK) 1984

In Brief: Set in the isolated, mountainous, semi-pagan Cardiganshire of the mid-eighteenth century, Lord of Misrule tells the story of Gruffydd – adventurer, dreamer, womaniser – and the power he gains over the fickle and superstitious people of the Ystwyth Valley.

‘Gareth Jones has given us a superb historical novel… Literary merit here goes hand in hand with first class storytelling..this is a vivid story, full of drama, bawdy humour, adventure, even romance.  And magic.’  Washington Post Book World

Jones tosses the two-sided coin of free will/fate with flips as dazzling as in Aeschylus.  He offers us a hero who is truly heroic in the classical sense… Establishes Gruffydd as a character as unforgettable as his name… Leave yourself a wide swath of time when you open Lord of Misrule: it’s non-stop reading.’  Los Angeles Times Book Review – Front Page

‘A gutsy, good-natured tale… an entertaining romp with… rakes, fools and frolic.’  Kirkus Reviews

‘Jones has a talent for writing natural witty dialogue…’  Best Sellers

‘Hot-blooded historical romance… great verve and vigour.’  The Listener


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