BABYLON will commence its annual programme 2017-18 on 15th December, with a 7-day residential workshop to be held in Strasbourg and Mannheim.

This 9th edition of BABYLON, marks the programme’s expansion into Continental Europe, with an additional new base in Strasbourg and a special emphasis on promoting cultural and industrial ties between the regions of the Upper Rhine.

We’re delighted to have had such a strong response to the call for submissions.  Selection committees were held in both participating cities last month, following which eight projects have been chosen to take part.  They are:

Bye Bye Kelly by Mathieu Z’graggen (writer/director), producer David Braun, Alpaga Films

Chaque Instant S’Envole by Christian Sonderegger (writer/director), producer Moïra Chappedelaine Vautier, Ciaofilm

Denis Reichle, emprises de guerre by Fanny Spindler (writer/director), producer Laurence Milon, La Huit

Die Wäscherin by Matthias Drescher, Julie Alfonsi and Barbara Antičević (co-writers), producer Andrea Steiner, FFL

Les Monstres by Antoine Delelis (writer/director), producer Paviel Raymont, Les Films du Tonnerre

My Cousin by Simone Wendel (writer/director), producer Mario A. Conte, Projekt Gold

Stockflecken by Sabina Gröner (writer/director), producer Pascal Trächslin, Cineworx Filmproduktion

Wende by Jens Wischnewski (writer/director), producer Simon Buchner,

The 2017-18 programme runs from December to May and will consist of two main workshops plus online mentoring:

  • Strasbourg & Mannheim – December 15th-21st, 2017.   7-day residential workshop focusing on project development, with a comprehensive programme of lectures, case-studies and screenings alongside detailed script discussion with group mentors.
  • A three-month script rewrite and production planning phase, accompanied by online and telephone mentoring.
  • Cannes – May 11th-15th, 2018.  4-day residential workshop at Cannes Film Market, devoted to project pitching, industrial networking and co-production via assisted navigation of the market, workshop events and professional hospitality.

BABYLON has a long history of promoting multi-lingualism during its workshops, and for the first time this year the primary working languages will be French and German.   Each project is represented by a writer and/or director and their attached producer.

BABYLON is delighted to be working this year with funding partners in Germany, France and Switzerland:

  • MFG-Baden-Württemberg;
  • la Ville et Eurométropole (VEM) de Strasbourg;
  • la Région Grand Est (RGE) Alsace Champagne – Ardennes Lorraine;
  • Film Commission Nord Baden;
  • Creative Commission Mannheim;
  • Förderung Film und Medienkunst der beiden Kantone Basel-Stadt und Basel-Landschaft.

For further information about the programme, please visit the Babylon Website.


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