The Mughals

AKBAR:  See those hills, mother? I dream of those hills, the coolness of Samarkand in spring and the meadows knee-deep in flowers

We don’t belong here. This place will destroy us.


THE MUGHALS is a prime-time entertainment drama series for international television, recreating for a modern audience the most vibrant ruling dynasty the world has known, in the genre of such hits as THE TUDORS and ROME.

Set in a period of exceptional vigour and expansion that overlaps with the Tudors and Stuarts and leads into the colonial era and the British Raj, the series already has the support of Indian broadcasters and National Development Council.

Combining epic landscapes and battle elephants with the intimate lives of charismatic characters driven by ambition, lust and an absolute belief in their destiny, the series offers a heady mix of power, passion and dynastic intrigue.

Creators of the Taj Mahal amongst many other splendours, the Mughals are a source of audience curiosity across the globe, leaving a footprint on world history.  THE MUGHALS is attracting intense interest from high-worth private investors in both India, Britain and the Gulf who are keen to follow THE TUDORS and ROME with a similar sweep of world history shot in English, in India, with all its stunning visual glory and an international star cast.

A co-production between Scenario Films, London, and Maya Movies, Mumbai, THE MUGHALS enjoys the double advantage of a UK tax base and Indian production costs, providing a double incentive to financiers and broadcasters alike.


Project Details

Development and financing: 2018-20

Year of Production: 2020-21

Year of Delivery: 2021

Length/format: 6 x 60 mins (x 2) /HD

Genre: Historical Action

Producing Company:  Mughals the Series Ltd

Executive/Series Producer: Mamta Kaash

Series Devised by:  Gareth Jones and Ketan Mehta

Lead Writers: Ketan Mehta and Gareth Jones

Co-Producers: Scenario Films and Maya Movies

MD Maya Movies:  Deepa Sahi

MD Scenario Films: Fiona Howe

Patrons: Lord Meghnath Desai, Baroness Shreela Flather, Shriji, Maharana of Udaipur